Why Does Hair Frizz

Here’s an old but useful blog post from a few years ago….

Well, to be quite honest with you 8 times out of 10, its whoever is handling the hair that is making it frizz! (The other causes being weather, pregnancy or health)

How many times have I heard people saying that they cant wear their hair curly/wavy because it gets too frizzy? Once I delve further into the way the hair is handled it becomes very clear to me that its frizzy because people don’t really know how to style/deal with it.

So it boils down to the fact that when someone has wavy hair, each time you wash your hair you need to make a decision on whether to dry it straight or curly, nothing in between. The in betweeny is the part that leaves the hair frizzy.

When hair is wavy and you decide to either comb it or drag your fingers through it when wet, this action will partly pull out the waves, and some of the hair will stay straight and other parts will curl back up, leaving a very unruly sight with the mixture of straight to curly hair. (Frizz)

See examples below..


In other words, if you want healthy looking curls/waves, you must not disturb the hair while it is drying OR if you want it to be straight, you must go the whole hog and dry it thoroughly straight with a brush. (see example below) If you decided to dry your hair straight that day and got lazy half way through and decided to drop the brush and dry it roughly, this will create the worst of the frizzies.