When Choosing A Hairstyle ~ Guest Post by Rush Hair

Some of the things you need to consider when you change your hairstyle are:

Does it grow quickly?

If your hair grows back quickly, think about how often you are willing to visit the salon to get your hair trimmed up. Shorter styles grow out faster than longer styles, so if your hair has always grown quickly, you’ll be visiting Rush.co.uk more often to book appointments. Certain areas outgrow others too, so layering will merge together after a while.

Will it match your lifestyle?

How you live should impact your hair choices. For example, if you were planning on joining the army in the foreseeable future, it probably wouldn’t be wise to get an overly glamorous cut, because it’ll get in the way. You want one that’s easily kept off of your face. Or if you are in the habit of tying it up and out of the way, when you go to work, you probably shouldn’t get an above the shoulder cut.

Will it suit your facial features?

Whether a hairstyle will suit you or not, depends on your facial features. For example, people with square jaws don’t tend to suit bangs. If you have a rounded face, you won’t want a haircut that makes your face seem larger than it actually is. Those with an oval face suit feathered layering below the chin. Experiment a little with some image editing software before you book.

How much time are you willing to spend maintaining your hairstyle?

Certain hairstyles will only look good if you are determined to maintain it. So if you don’t think too much about how your hair is presented to the world on a daily basis, it’s not worth getting a high maintenance haircut. For example, a short cut like Miley Cyrus’s new hair, takes a fair amount of maintenance, getting it re-cut, and styling it every morning.

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