Volumizing Froth

Prive – Concept VERT – Volumizing Froth
Green volumiser
Part of PRIVE’S new Green Line – this contains certified organic extracts, has no Parabens, DEA, REA or artificial colors, and is never tested on animals, the packaging is also earth friendly and can be recycled.
Classed as the next generation non-aerosol mousse , it gives incredible body, volume and definition.
When I first used this mousse, I loved it, it really did give alot of body and fullness, especially on shorter hair, it wasn’t until I tried it on longer hair that I realized I had to go easier on the application. If too much is applied, it is difficult to wrap the brush around it smoothly. So apply less for longer hair. On shorter hair it is fabby, the amount of body and bounce is incredible. Feels smooth, comes out like a gel and changes into froth while in the palm of your hands to ensure easy application.

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  1. Yes Sonja, nice altho you do have to work faster with it as it dries fast, but great for leaving your hair to dry tho.

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