Vitamins and Healthy Hair ~ Guest Post

The Vitamin way to healthy hair

Our hair, an essential part of our body also needs nourishment for growth and build. Sometimes, in the rush to take care of the body, we forget that our hair needs care too. Just like our body, it needs the right kind of diet, nutrients, products, etc. One of the most important nutrients for your hair is vitamin. Here’s a list of Vitamin C and others which are essential for healthy hair.

Vitamin C

This is the most vital vitamin that your hair needs. Your body uses vitamin C to make collagen which in turn is vital in enhancing growth of your hair. It also helps in breaking down iron which in turn is another component of hair. However, since your bodies cannot manufacture Vitamin C on its own, you must eat and drink foods which have a high amount of the vitamin. These would include citrus fruits, bell peppers, broccoli, cantaloupes, spinach, etc. These have a high concentration of Vitamin C. Adults should ideally have between 75 to 90 mg o Vitamin C a day, as recommended by government standards.

Vitamin A

After Vitamin C, the next big vitamin on the list is Vitamin A. It also has a lot to contribute to the building and growth of hair. Firstly, it has antioxidants that help in conditioning and moisturising the sebum on your scalp. This vitamin also helps in fighting things like pollution which damage and weaken your hair. Taking Vitamin C will make your hair feel lighter and will give it better volume. Lastly, it helps in strengthening your hair quality so that breakage will be reduced.

You can increase your vitamin C intake through leafy green vegetables and some citrus fruits. You can even take pills. You can even buy affordable salon equipment like shampoos which are enriched with vitamin C.

Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin B complex means it contains a mixture of all the vitamin B groupings that are available. This would include B6, biotin and B12. This vitamin helps to reduce hair loss, a major cause for worry for everybody. Also, it slows down the process of graying, so less gray hair. Vitamin B enhances growth of hair, which is good news for all those looking to sport long hair. It also adds to the shine. Vitamin B complex capsules are available all over the market.

One added benefit of taking Vitamin B complex is the fact that you are also getting a healthy dose of folic acid. There are a few reasons why folic acid is important, especially for those with curly hair. It helps to sow down the graying process, thus leading to less gray hair. Secondly, it makes your hair thicker, since it enhances hair growth. Folic acid also helps to make your hair shinier than usual. One last important fact about folic acid is that it helps in adding moisture to your hair. This means less drying and less breakage. Folic acid can be found in wholegrain bread and cereals too.

Vitamin E

While Vitamin E is mostly known to help with soft skin, it also helps in enhancing blood circulation which in turn leads to a healthier scalp. A healthy scalp will mean softer hair. For those with curly hair, you will notice less frizz and more curl. The amount of split ends will reduce too as your hair becomes healthier. While you can buy professional affordable salon equipment like specialised shampoos with Vitamin E, eating nuts, spinach and tomatoes will also give you amounts of Vitamin E.


About the author

Pete Campbell is a Content Marketing Consultant for some of the UK’s largest brands, and works for Cool Blades who offer affordable salon equipment & beauty salon supplies.