Undercut Hair..

According to the Daily Mail Online in the UK, the demand for the ‘undercut’ is soaring!
It has been noted that an increasing number of women are ditching the longer feminine flowing locks in favor of a more cutting –edge look, salons in England are inundated with a high demand for the ‘undercut’ which involves cutting away a large section of hair while leaving the rest of it long, creating a funky edgier look. The look can vary from extremely short to longer and softer, the surrounding hair is usually ‘razored’ for a softer look.
It seems quite afew celebrities are sporting the look and now lots of women are asking for the once considered punky style. Here we have model Alice Dellal, as well as Rhianna and pop star Cassie with their more extreme versions of the ‘undercut’.

View undercut

Personally I hope this catches on with the Hollywood crowd, it would be nice to see abit more ‘edge’ with the celebs over here, instead of the usual ‘glamour’ looks, which will then drift down to the women in the US, then people can look a little bit funkier.
Here’s our very own Jodi from Dekko Salon looking rather spiffing with her very own ‘undercut’ by Andria Falcon.
Cheers JoJoxxxx

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  1. Ha Ha, doesnt she just?? You shoudve seen how many pictures we took!! But we got some great shots, thanks again, Jojo.

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