Triple Barrel Curling Iron

Aghhhh! I’ve just been attacked by a curling iron!! A Triple Barrel one to be precise.

So, this is the crazy result of using the Hot Tools Pro curling iron!! I was curious about this one and how it would work, so I took the irons and with no products on my hair before or after, I went about and sloppily ironed medium sized sections throughout my head. What was crazy was that I felt no real effort was put into it on my behalf, there was no combing of the hair and sections and I didn’t hold the iron on each section for too long and within 25minutes I had a full mane of wild hair which looked like I slaved over it the night before by carefully braiding it to sleep on.I loved the look and went to sleep on it, the next day the waves were still there and they lasted me throughout the day at work. This picture was taken at the end of the day!! I would definitely recommend this iron just to have fun with, it works if you want to look as crazy as I do.

There’s no shortage of choice for the Triple Barrel Iron but here’s a few to check out: Hot Tools Pro, Chi Auto Digital Ceramic Waver, Conair Pro Triple Barrel Babyliss Pro, Revlon 3 Barrel.

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  1. Vicki – Try going on Amazon or E-bay UK, they have so many on the US versions, maybe they’ll have some for England. Good Luck.

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