The Brazilian Jill

I wanted to update you with the latest product that we are using in Dekko Salon, (Thanks to Jill Tucci, one of Dekko’s fab stylist/technician for her big help in writing this article)

Brazilian Blowout is the name of the ‘keratin conditioning treatment’, (not to be confused with the Brazilian Straighteners that usually contains 2 –4% formaldehyde). This is a fantastic new treatment that is safe for all hair types and has become sooo popular I didnt want you to miss out on the news…

The BB not only smoothes, softens and de-frizzes the hair, it also adds alot of shine. It does not completely straighten the hair, it relaxes the wave/curls on curly hair , and it leaves you with volume and body on straighter hair. It is classed as a blow drying aid, which helps to speed up drying time. So with this treatment, you can either air dry your hair which will leave the hair wavy/curly minus the frizz OR because this treatment is heat activated, if you do blow dry your hair, you can do so usually without a brush in a fraction of the time it usually takes you and you can have straighter smother hair faster!
Once complete you can go about with your usual routine, tying your hair up, tucking them behind your ears and washing it immediately. It is recommended that you use a the BB’s own sulphate-free shampoo/conditioner and treatments to help extend the life of the BB, any salts such as ocean water will revert it back quicker.
Another great thing worth noting about the BB is that the technician has control over how straight or wavy the client would like the hair to be. This is obviously discussed in the consultation and by varying the tension and strokes used with the flat irons, hair can be left wavy or curly but eliminating the frizz only. The process still takes up to 2 to 3 hours(altho on finer hair 90mins is possible) depending on the hair thickness and needs and will last from 8 (on virgin hair) to 12 weeks before the frizz slowly comes back in.
It should also be noted that the more damaged your hair is, the more noticeable the results, this is completely safe to use on brittle damaged hair, in fact with colored hair it improves the health of the hair and by sealing the cuticle. The more you have the BB treatment the healthier the hair will be and the longer your results will last! WOW! What more can you ask for?
Dekko has been doing so many treatments and so far 100% of the clients have been happy. We decided everyone should be able to try it at least once to see, so the technicians at Dekko salon are giving $100 off your treatment for the next couple of month!!! (April May 2010) Woo Hoo!
Thanks to Jodi for posing with her BB:

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  1. The new layout is looks great, lots of texture that comes through and the colors are fresh…Jodi's hair is soooo long.

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