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Texture Powder Styler Pump Dispenser
A powder styler that gives clean, fine & flat hair body with texture. It also acts as a dry shampoo by absorbing excess oils, formulated with all hair textures in mind. Texture Powder Styler is available in two shades, Light Blonde and Brown to cover all hair shades. Featured in the Pre-Oscars Goody Bags, the Sundance Film Festival Fender Lodge and Cannes Film Festival 2011.

Formulated without parabens, sulfates, sodium chloride, oils or fragrance. Cruelty free. Easy to use eco-friendly pump spray.

Choose your color, section and lift your hair, squeeze & puff the powder underneath the parting onto the root area, fluff and shake for better distribution. Dispense more powder and add more body by squeezing the middle of the bottle. Great for clean hair to give up-do’s more grip and to give yourself an extra day or two before another shampoo.



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Texture Powder
Average rating:  
 19 reviews
 by Marianne

I absolutely love this product. It comes in handy for me when I need a little oomph at my roots AND It’s always handy when I need a mid-afternoon refresher and my hair feels a little dirty. One of the best things about it though that no one ever mentions is the pump. Wow!! The pump never gets clogged like other pumps. I never have to rinse it to unclog ever!

 by Lia Sumi

Mia, my sister introduced me to Juju Chan years ago and your texture powder has since been my fave dry shampoo!!! Tried heaps of dry shampoos but none works wonders like yours.😍  So great, love your product.

It really works well with my typical extra fine Asian hair not just as a dry shampoo but also for texturing and volumizer too! I practically use it everyday for that extra “oomph”! I hope you sell it in Australia soon ☺ Thank you ♥ I wish you all the success for your future endeavors!

 by Jane Howard

I can't recommend Juju Chan texture powder enough. I use it nearly every day - right after my blow dry when my thin air can be fly away. I just sprinkle a little of the powder into my roots and that gives my hair the little lift and "heft" that it needs. As my hair begins to get dirty (day 2 and 3 following blow dry) I use it as a dry shampoo which it is very effective for as well. It's a game changer!

 by Amanda P

Finally a product that does what it says!!! My hair is long, fine and extremely straight, because of this my hair tends to weigh itself down and on those days that I didn’t wash my hair well let’s just say it hasn’t always been pretty….until I started using Juju Chan texture powder!!!!Trust me I’ve tried them all the dry shampoos that promise your hair will look like you just washed it…NOT! The products that promise more body….ugh those are the worst. They last 5 mins and then you are stuck with gross product in your hair and it’s still flat…FAIL!!!

I came across this product by chance and after that first time using it (without knowing where to get it) I ran to Sephora to see if they carried it….they didn’t and I was completely shocked. How could a product this great not be in there stores?! Luckily I discovered that you could purchase online or Dekko Salon (yay for me for living so close to my favorite salon :)Since using this product I tend to like my hair more on the days I haven’t washed it, It gives it wonderful body, takes away any grease and I swear it makes my thin hair feel like it’s doubled in thickness. On the days I do wash my hair I still use it to give my hair a bit more oomph. Love love love this stuff!!!

 by Kaitlyn G

This stuff is awesome! I used to use baby powder, but never again. I have brown hair but not Asian, so I was a little uncertain as to how it would work for me. I absolutely love it! It not only works great to freshen up my bangs after a long day at work, but I now use it on my crown even when my hair is clean to give it extra body and texture. It just plain rocks. Highly, highly recommend it.

 by Kymm

I have used tons of different hair powders over the years and haven\’t found one that works as well as this!  I also have very sensitive skin and I have absolutely     no reaction to this product whatsoever!  The product smells great and works wonders – i have already ordered 3 more bottles! This product is fantastic – thanks!

 by Anonymous

This stuff REALLY works! I have pretty fine hair and oily-prone bangs, so it’s great for extending my shampoo for a couple days. However, the ultimate proof happened once after a day at the spa (I got a massage and my hair was VERY oily from the massage oil). I was in a rush and didn’t have time to wash my hair, so I used it and voila! My hair was good as new. I’ve tried many hair powders and this one is by far the best I’ve ever used.

 by Jody Pham

This stuff is amazing!!! It’s perfect for giving my hair some oomph when it’s too flat, or making my oily prone bangs all poofy and fresh looking after a long day. I love it!

 by Lindsay

This product is the ULTIMATE! I don’t even have to use any other product to get my desired effect. I just spray some on, mess it around my oily parts, and viola – it’s like salon fresh hair in less than 5 minutes! I’m a very happy girl!

 by Em

This stuff is RAD. Not only is the powder more ecofriendly than the spray versions, it is puuurrrfect for making my fine hair fat and sexy and soft. It works like a charm on second, or even third-day post-shower. But my favorite thing to do is to put it on right after I wash and dry for an extra body and texture boost. Thanks Jules, this product rules.

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