Sundance Film Festival..

You know, I just felt the need to share this with you, even though I dont actually have anything to share other than words!! But anyway, my first product – Juju Chan’s TEXTURE Powder Styler just ended up in the goody bags at the Sundance Film Festival!!! Woo Hoo, I was sooo excited.

They were placed at The Fender Music Lodge where celebs go to hang out, drink, play guitar and pick up free goodies, not a bad life eh? So hopefully some of these celebs will take one of my products to try out and love it so much they talk about it.. wishful thinking : )

So Thank You to Jane at StyleZoneTV for making this all happen, even when I gave up, thinking I was too late, and Thanks to my friend Claudia for all her help acting as my right hand woman.
If I hear anything else I’ll let you know about it.

Here’s a link I just got from the first Press Release:Sundance & JujuChan