Styling Paste..

Sumo Tech by Bumble & Bumble

Alot of people I know love this product, especially for those with shorter very straight hair, it is used as a finishing product to make the hair messier and clumpy looking, which I must say it does do very well. As I mentioned before, Bumble & Bumble are, I think, one of the best companies for styling products.
My only problem with this product is that the consistency is so stiff and hard that I find it hard to get it out. And then once out, its takes a little while to massage it in your hands to make it more pliable to apply onto the hair, without leaving any clumps of product on the hairshaft. They say you can warm up the product first by applying abit of heat with the hairdryer, but for me, its more about ease and speed, so unless I had alot of styling time in the mornings then I would tend to pick something else up thats easier to apply.

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  1. Jules I totally agree. I feel like there are much better products that have the same "look" of sumo tech. By the end of a jar of this you'll have pumped arms from just working the product into a consistency that is usable.

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