R.I.P. Sharon Tucker

As a stylist we all have clients that come and go, leaving us to wonder where a certain person has gone to.. .Have they lost their jobs and income to continue coming? Have they moved away? Or is it simply that they have found another stylist? On the odd occasions I have had phone calls or postcards letting us know that they have moved on, I sincerely appreciate this as there is no need for 2nd guessing.

Sharon Tucker has been a client of mine for over 10years, a beautiful soul who comes into my life every 7 to 8 weeks. The last time I saw Sharon she told me she’d been diagnosed with cancer but it had been caught early so chemo was not necessary, She said wouldn’t lose her hair and would continue to see me. Fast forward 10months to last night…

For months now I often had passing thoughts of Sharon and why I had not seen her lately? But as busy as we all are, time goes by and I kept forgetting to call or email her. Finally last night I remembered to look up her company to find a number or email address but nothing came through concrete, just the usual Facebook, or LinkedIn, but no company info. After looking for some time I came across a pdf file titled ‘Deaths’. My heart leapt, Oh no, how could this be? Staring me in my face was an article from Hope College stating Sharon had died March 13th, 2009. I was shocked, how was it possible that time had gone by so quickly and only 2 to 3 months after I saw her, she had passed away.

I cried, in fact I sobbed all night at the thought of losing and never seeing such a wonderful, beautiful, radiant person again, I will miss you Sharon. I had no other contact number or any other way to speak to anyone about Sharon so my only outlet was to write this as my memoir to her.

A message for all friends and family – we may only be peoples hairdressers or dentists or massage therapists, but we care.. we care alot!! (even though it may take us 8months to get round to looking) So please could you take a moment of your time to let us know, so we can quietly say our goodbyes too. Thank You.