Root Amplifier – #36


This recently repackaged Root Amplifier is now in an easier to spray bottle than the can it was previously in. I have to admit I don’t really use it too much as I LOVE Prive’s Amplifier so much I tend to stick to that one, but other stylists who do use if more often love it and think it works really well to give the roots lift and body. It gives instant volume by spraying sections of the roots at a time.

Prives description:

Enriched with quillaja and rosemary, this adds extreme precise voluminous shine and soft control. Infuses weightless volume and fullness to fine thin hair.

(I looked up Quillaja out of curiosity and it is a soapbark tree, the inner bark can be reduced to powder and employed as a substitute for soap, I would’ve thought this key ingredient would be better used with shampoos becos of its lathering properties, although the scents from the tree are often used in perfumes and cosmetics so maybe in this case its used for the smells)

Hold 6” away from towel dried hair and apply to the entire root area near the scalp. Style as usual.