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‘Straighteners to dye for – we find out what science has in store for our hair

Word in the science lab is that we may soon be waving goodbye to messy DIY dye jobs in favour of a much cleaner way to colour our hair – simply with the swipe of a straightener. Scientists at the University of Mexico and Los Alamos National Labs are developing a state-of-the-art technique using ion beam straighteners – hot irons that can permanently switch the colour of your hair. How does it work? They’ve developed irons that can etch gratings onto individual hairs, creating different patterns so each follicle refracts light differently – by scanning the colour directly onto the hair fibres. Only issue is that it’s permanent. However, the scientists also aim to develop a conditioner that can mimic this effect, which can then be washed out. But before you rush out to buy, research is still in its early stages, and it won’t be making it into our salons any time soon. But good to know it’s not just our phones getting smarter.’

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