Pink Hair..

I have always loved the baby pink hair that’s been all over the place. I once had my own small pieces scattered throughout my hair, the only problem was having to bleach out the hair to a light enough shade of blonde in order to put the baby pink on it. Of course it didn’t last too long either but for the one day seminar I had to do it was fine.

Lately I’ve seen so many Ads and other pictures with that shade of pink, I was always told it would be difficult or almost impossible to get it looking so light and pink on Asian hair, which is why most people would settle just for the pieces in the dark hair. Here’s an example of the pink I was talking about…..


Anyway I came across one Asian girl who managed to get this shade of pink for herself… From the chart topping  South Korean Band.. Miss A, this young lady JIA looks fabulous as she’s swinging her hair around singing Bad Girl Good Girl with her other band members. (Thanks @ Doug Henderson) for showing me the video. So this just goes to show, if you’ve got enough time money and a great colorist, Asian’s can have baby pink hair!


Picture 2


pink hair crop


Picture 6


Oh and here’s our very own Twinkie Chan and Joni from Dekko with their gorgeous pink hair..and Thanks to Jodi and Heather from Dekko Salon for the colors.