Oribe–Dry Texturizing Spray

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Another Oribe product to review, one of many, since they have around 42 products in their line, with another 5 brand new products since we at Dekko joined them 1 month ago…

I must admit that when I first used this product, two things struck me that I wasn’t too keen on..

1. The perfumed smell (I’m not usually one for having strong scents in hair products, its like battling with the body spray or perfume) and

2.The aerosol spray which seemed so strong, it felt like it was blowing the clients head off.

After using the more gentle Prive Texture Spray for many years this one felt abit too powerful when I first tried it, But after using it many times I have now got used to the perfume and the aerosol blast has softened out too and more importantly, I cannot deny that this product really works, it gives the hair TONS of body, big hair which my clients LOVE! Its also meant to be used as a dry shampoo that absorbs oils but I don’t find it  works too well in that department.

But if you want big hair with LOTS of body then you should check out this spray, its one of their top sellers so people are loving it.