Ombre Color….

The latest color technique Ombre is such a huge trend right now both in the US and the UK.

‘Ombre’ is an French word meaning ‘shaded’, it means colors graduating from light to dark, or from one color to another. It can refer to yarn dye or in printing.

In terms of hair color, the main idea is to go from darker roots to lighter ends, altho some go from lighter roots to darker ends, Colors can range from mainstream subtle to crazier colors. Personally I think this may have come about because people became too lazy or ‘skint’ to have their roots done as often as they usually do, so it became a trend when people like Drew Barrymore and Alexa Chung started sporting this look and ending up so hip with it, that everyone wanted to follow suit…

The original hip trendsetters..

Here’s some more examples of different Ombre coloring:

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  1. Hi Mindy, Yes, Ombre works well on Asian hair too, check out Maggie Q from 'Nikita', she has a subtle version of it using a lighter shade of brown or a reddy brown underneath, and not doing the blonde thing.
    Hope you get to check out my answer, didnt have your contact.

  2. Hi!!! i think Ombre looks great on brunettes.. but what about asians? I'm thinking of getting it done too but I don't know how it'll look on me as i have black hair and a medium complexion. I don't want to look like a typical blonde-haired asian 🙁 any suggestions? x

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