Oldie But Goodie

Roux – Fanci-Full:

My big surprise favorite product of the moment is the Roux -Fancifull Color Mousse.

For those of you who have been around awhile, this was the product that little old ladies used to use to give the blue, pink, purple rinses… punky grannies! It used to come in a hair setting lotion form and now comes in the form of a mousse.

DSC06370 touched up

I used it initially to tone my blonde streaky bits that turned too gold in the sun, but was so surprised to find this stuff actually gives the hair a great piecey texture and gives me quite abit of body too. Very easy to use becos you would towel dry, put some onto your hands and rub into the blonde parts and that’s it. Heres a pic of my hair the day after I slept on it.

DSC06354 crop

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