New York Post -China star: sex tale a ‘smear’

Thanks to my clients, here’s an Interesting article I came across in the New York Post….

true or false??


Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi has strongly denied reports she earned $100 million by having

sex with disgraced politician Bo Xilai — and astonishingly, sources close to the “Crouching

Tiger, Hidden Dragon” star blame the reports on a smear campaign by a rival actress. It was

reported that Zhang earned a fortune by prostituting herself to powerful Chinese men between

2007 and 2011, including to Xilai, who was recently removed from power following allegations

he was involved in a murder plot. At the time, Zhang was dating financier Vivi Nevo.

They were engaged in 2008, but split in 2010. Last night, reps for Zhang said she was

consulting lawyers to sue for libel.

Her rep said, “The accusations made against [Zhang] are completely false and defamatory.

There is no truth in any of the allegations that have come forth, which are a result of cal-

curated, cruel intentions against a well-respected, established actress. Legal repercussions

are ensuing, and these slanderous reports will not be tolerated in any way.” Sources told us

that Zhang believes the allegations were spread by a “jealous rival.” One said, “This isn’t

the first time vicious rumors have been spread about her in the Chinese media by somebody

who wants her roles and her success.

” The source declined to name the rival, but added, “We will not put up with this, and will

take every action necessary.”


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