Natural alternative Styling Products for Curly Hair…

I know alot of you are interested in products that are natural and chemical free, so with the help of Trusha, I wanted to share some product recommendations with you.

Trusha has ‘wild’ naturally curly hair, and before she came to see Joni in Dekko Salon, her hair was pretty big and ‘extreme’. Personally I loved it, but I guess when you’ve been trying to tame the beast for so many years, finding a stylist and products that do that is pretty exciting. You can see Trusha’s hair in these photos, that’s her on the right in the second photo!

Anyway, Trusha used to use normal styling products such as Bumble & Bumble styling cream or Aveda Be Curly but she popped into her local organic store Rainbow’s and found afew products that not only are 99% natural but combined together, works like magic in her hair to give it a soft, natural frizzless look.

The 4 products that Trusha uses throughout the week is:

Giovanni – Leave-In Conditioner – sprayed onto hair onto wet hair.

Alba Botanica – soft hold style cream – worked into the hair while the hair is flipped upside down.

Burt’s Bees – Hair treatment, mixed together with ……

Jason – Texturising Cream – again worked into the whole of the hair while the hair is flipped upside down.


Trusha doesn’t wash her hair on a daily basis, more like every 5days or so, but on the days she doesn’t wash it she just wets it down, and add these products to refresh the style. (Although not the leave –in again as this can make it too heavy)

Here’s Trusha’s finished look using all these organic products.

One more product recommendation from Trusha, A great sea-spray for a beachy bedhead look – John Masters Organic Sea Mist.

Thank’s to Trusha and Joni for their help in this post xxxxxx

3 Replies to “Natural alternative Styling Products for Curly Hair…”

  1. Vipshe, these would work well for you and yes, you can go 4 or 5 days too with your wild curly hair…
    Joni – I must say I too have always been skeptical but I guess if you look hard enough, its there isnt it?

  2. Yay Trusha! Awesome entry. I know so many people who want to go for natural products and sometimes I'm skeptical that they work. But way to prove me wrong Trusha and Jules!

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