Multi-Purpose Sprays..

Bumble and Bumble’s Blondish Hair Powder:

I’ve always admired Bumble & Bumble for their styling products, for me who is a cutter rather than a technician, I am always on the look out for styling products that work well. I have always felt that Bumble & Bumble is one of those companies that concentrated on their styling products rather than cleansing products, this was a first that I saw, which has inspired me to do the same one day.
When Bumble & Bumble first brought out a ‘dry shampoo’ I loved it. Since then they have progressed to spray colored versions of it. They claim to not only add fullness and enhance colors and blend roots, they also dry cleanse and to get an extra day out of your blow dry, I was very excited to try them, and did so quite afew times, but I have to say I found these colored hair powders to be abit too sticky for my liking, and I felt that although it definitely gave the hair body, I couldn’t put my fingers through my hair as it left color in my nails and fingers. But all in all, I have heard very good reviews from others about it who don’t mind the stickiness or the color in the nails, so good one guys!