Moroccan Oil Luminous Hairspray

We have been using this line in Dekko Salon for quite some time now and so I have had time to play around with a lot of the products. I’m not usually a fan of hairspray as I usually prefer a texture spray at the end so that you can still move the hair around and I don’t normally like the stiff lacquered look that most hairsprays leave you with.

Anyway along comes this Moroccan Oil line and in with it is this Luminous Hairspray. It come in 2 strengths Medium Hold and Strong hold for however much hold you need. I have been using this spray on a lot of clients and what I find quite amazing about it is the fact the spray leaves the hair with a lot of shine, especially on long hair where usually the ends of the hair looks dry and over processed. It also allows you to move your hair around, as it is soft and flexible on the hair. No stickiness either!


Picture shows the strong and medium hold and one of the original packaging.

Extract taken from the Moroccan Oil brochure:

To use: Hold the can about 10inches form the hair and spray.. For extra volume, it can be sprayed on the roots before styling the hair. Can be brushed out easily without weighing down the hair and provides a reflective shield of sine that fights frizz and humidity.