Metal Brushes

My own personal opinions on metal brushes are not very favorable, throughout my career, I have seen some of the damage that a metal brush can do to finer soft hair.


Granted, most Asian hair can handle almost anything, so the typical coarse Asian hair could handle the way the the brush heats up while it is styling the hair, but If you don’t have the heavy coarse hair then do yourself a favor and avoid it. As the metal heats up, it is too extreme for finer hair textures to handle especially on a regular basis, It can cause damage, snappage and split ends throughout the hair shaft.

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  1. Thanks for your feedback, its always good to hear what other stylsits have got to say about things….. so I guess metal brushes are a definite NO NO then?

  2. so true jill! i don't like seeing them used either…bums me out. i think there was already a posting about this but my favorite brushes(and a salon fave)is the Y.S. park brushes. I swear by them for all hair types.

  3. I too don't like metal hair brushes and cringe whenever I see a hair stylist using them on clients. In particular with the new ionic hairdryers that burn extra hot. I would also like to mention that inexpensive brushes with nylon bristles can do much damage too. The plastic tip eventually break down and shred the hair folicle.

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