Magic Spray…..


This product comes with my highest recommendation…. in my many years of doing hair, this one is not only original but actually works REALLY REALLY well on finer hair. My clients call it their ‘crack’ of hair products and come in to buy 3 or more cans per time.. (just in case, they or we run out!!!!)

This product is sprayed on like a hair spray after the hair has been styled and finished. You would imagine it to be exactly like a hair spray but the difference comes when you actually touch the hair.. there is no stiffness or stickiness but PLENTY of volume. You can continue to touch the hair and it still Poofs up, even after afew hours. Unfortunately for me, (with my heavy coarse hair) it doesn’t work so well, this one is made for fine hair. Now if they can come up with one for heavy hair, that would be Perfect!!