LOVE Shampoo

Davines Love Shampoo for Curly Hair..

Sorry the pictures abit crooked!

Davine’s (I pronounce it Dav-ve-ness) LOVE Shampoo made for wavy and curly hair – the first thing I have to say about this shampoo is how lovely it smells!! It makes you want to use it just so you can sniff the lovely essences that Davines have used in it. This shampoo is rich, so for fine hair you need to be careful about using this, it could leave your hair quite flat, although very soft and gorgeous smelling. Depending on whether you like your hair to be on the flat side, I found the Love shampoo to be just abit too heavy for me even though my hair is very thick and coarse. But there again, I do prefer my hair to be rougher and bigger looking so do bear that in mind too when making your choice.

Again this shampoo comes in a handy travel size which you can re-fill over and over. Very handy!