Long Luscious Lashes!

It may seem strange to you that the first product I’m gonna review isn’t exactly a hair product, (well, not the hair on top of the head anyway), but I just felt the need to share with you all as soon as possible………

Were talking about eyelash hair, I have to go on the record to promote an amazing treatment that leaves you with MASSIVE long lashes!!

The Product – Lilash – one of many brands that claim to give you long luscious eyelashes, well, trust me, they were right, after using the stuff for 3 – 4 weeks, I watched, as my usual stumpy eyelashes grew and grew!!

We all know that Asian eyelashes fall way behind everyone else in the lush department, and I have tried everything from mascaras to fake lashes to individual lashes and perms,(Yes, abit obsessive I was) but no more, I have told ALL my friends and family and now everyone is happy with their ultra long lashes!

A product that actually works, and worth the US$119!! (on e-bay that is)

For more details visit http://www.lilash.com/