Ken Pave’s Wigs

I must admit I’m always abit skeptical with wigs and pieces for the hair anyway, so when I heard there was a collaboration from Jessica Simpson and her style guru hairdresser – Ken Paves, I really wasn’t too sure. (Sorry, nothing personal) But even I have to admit after I came across a couple of their looks recently, that they looked really good!

With this first look, (Text taken from American Salon Magazine) Ken used what he called a Hairdo Angled Cut Wig in a pale blond color. He darkened the roots with ebony brown eye shadow and then razor cut the wig to create uneven choppy layers with soft edges. He then used a volumizing spray to give it the edgy finish.


Ken PavesAmericanSalonMag wig


Now I really like this second look, I love the feel and idea of the whole romantic braided look.

(Text from American Salon Mag) Ken used 4 black 22’” Hairdo Straight Extensions. He clipped 2 on each side of the head, starting from the front and just above the ears in a V-pattern before teasing and clipping them into place. After adding the remaining extensions on each side of the crown and creating a center part closure, he applied a Hairdo Clip In Bang that he had lifted to platinum before teasing and pinning into place.



Now what do you all think? Would you go and buy some pieces or wigs just to have some fun and create some new looks?