Juju Chan at Sundance Film Festival 2011


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SUNDANCE 2011 – 100 CELEBRITY PORTRAITS & POSESCTV.ca | News Photo Gallery — Sundance: 100 Portraits and Poses at the FENDER STYLE LODGE:

Kicking off the New Year just right, that’s Jules Chan debuting her fantastic new miracle product JUJU CHAN Texture Powder Styler made for dark and light hair colors. This amazing new product is one that you are going to want to keep in your handbag at all times! Celebrities, Press & Media at the Fender Lodge, Sundance Film Festival were given these products in their VIP Gift Bags – and the verdict? amazing!! Fashion Stylist Phu Styles who ran the Lodge said “with the fast pace we are working under , we don’t even have time to wash our hair, and this product has come in very useful during my stay here!” In a small 8″ plastic bottle, this miracle powder is one you won’t want to leave home without whether traveling, a weekend away, or a sudden appointment, or interview, or night out “its a miracle powder”.

Not surprisingly, the many musicians and talent who showed up such as 50Cent, Guns and Roses, David Leitch and many more, to jam, sing, play along, or watch were truly grateful for this little wonder bottle in their Gift Bags. Celebrities such as, Rachel Leigh Cook all received a bottle of JUJUCHAN for their particular hair shade in their gift bags. Other celebrities who attended the Lodge were: Actor Don Cheadle Terrell Owens Tommy Lee Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul from the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Liv Tyler. Greys Anatomy Star, Jesse Williams + more (view photo gallery above)

This modern Powder Styler not only gives flat, clean or dirty hair lift and texture, it also acts as a ‘dry shampoo’ by absorbing all the excess oils so that your hair can last an extra day or two, looking fresh and fluffy. Texture Powder Styler comes in 2 shades (Light and Dark) to cover all hair shades from Blonde to Black.

JUJUChan®Texture Powder Styler
A Product Line Designed With Asian Hair In Mind for All Hair Types

While I strive to be as natural as possible with all the products and ingredients, it is important to me to establish a line of styling products that really work well. I have used as many natural ingredients as possible while retaining the effectiveness of each product in my line.

Jules is already getting ready for her next debut appearance at the pre-Oscars Style Lounge in Hollywood. February 20 – 22nd 2011.