Jolie Lips…..

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with hair but my only excuse is.. it was found in a hair magazine and i found it so amusing that I had to share it with you all……

Lip Plumping Technology Guaranteed To Make Your Lips Fuller And Sexier, Instantly.

No injections, no pain, no nonsense tingling cream.

Most beauty experts agree that plump lips are the most important feature for a young and attractive look. CosmeSearch, Inc, a leader in innovative beauty products, has invented a new lip plumping and enhancing system. Here is how it works: Micro Collagen Plumping Balm will penetrate and hydrate the lips. The Plumping Device gently activates molecules, dramatically increases lip size by plumping up lips naturally. Fuller lips don’t have to cost a fortune.

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  1. Ha Ha, a client told me they used to use something like this for boobs in Hong Kong, better for breast feeding.

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