Jaguar’s ‘Hot Scissors’!!

Not too sure about this one yet, I guess I need to use them to tell you exactly what I think, but anyway I just heard about these new ‘Hot’ scissors made by Jaguar. Basically you plug them in and they claim to seal the ends of the hair as it cuts and they can be warmed up to 310*F. So you would use less heat for finer hair and more heat for thicker hair.

The company made these scissors as well as a razor too:






So the claims are that if the hair is cut and sealed at the same time it would seal off the ends hence no more split ends! I pulled these pictures from the website to show you the difference in the ends if they work as they are meant to.The left is how a normal pair of scissors would leave your ends, and the right is meant to be the heated scissors! Anyway, with this one, you might need to tell me how this works if any of you have tried it.

The price of the scissors vary from $599 to $1,150..

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 11.20.34 PM