Intense Curl Cream by MoroccanOil

Here’s one more review for the Morroccan Oil family, my update with the latest curly hair products. I mentioned to you earlier about my love for Moroccan Oil’s Curl Defining Cream, and although I still love it on people who prefer a softer more flexible hold on their curls, I have now found another one of their curl creams that I prefer more for an even more defined look.



The Intense Curl Cream is great for anyone who likes to feel abit more product in their hair, this cream is heavier and creates more definite waves/curls. The consistency of the cream is a lot thicker than the Curl Defining Cream therefore it helps to cling the ends of the hair together and doesn’t allow the frizz to come through on the ends. This one also brings shine through to the ends of the hair, so if you like some shine on your curls these products give you that. Ideal for people who prefer to leave their hair to dry naturally.

Apply by rubbing cream into your hands and then by working in into the hair, I tend to start at the middle lengths, ends then lastly the roots, so that there is not too much product on the roots. Then once the cream is worked in, you can twist the curls into more definite twirls before either diffusing or leaving to dry naturally.

I have to add that I have had a couple of clients who found this product to be too heavy on their hair, so they should definitely use the Curl Defining Cream instead, but for the rest of you, this product is definitely worth a try!