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The other week I spent a fun filled day working with some of the great staff at Hyphen Magazine (a non-profit magazine focusing on Asian-American topics, you can subscribe by following the link). What started as a simple article about me and my new JujuChan product written by Margot Seeto, then became more and then even more, ending up with a section about my top 5 Asian hair offenses, now, because pictures speak louder than words, we ended up doing a photo session to try to capture my looks.
Thanks to
Andria Lo and Erica Jones (from Hyphen) who took this to the next level, who then introduced me to the photographer Patrick Gonzales Rafanan and his lovely assistant Lydia Ortiz, both from Soybaby. The make up artist on the shoot was Elaine Fujii who captured all the looks to go with the dreaded hairstyles, not an easy feat, I know. Also Thanks to Scott Klassen from Dekko salon who came along to help me with the hair, doing such a great job on our Taiwanese/Mall fringe look : )
It was an ultra fun shoot, I have never done a shoot where we needed to make sure everyone looked BAD.. quite hard I must say, difficult when your models put the bad wigs on and end up looking abit hip!! Not our idea, but we got there in the end..
Thanks to all our models from the shoot for having such a great sense of humor an allowing us to make them look bad and foolish, such great sports, so thumbs up to you all : )
Seanathan Chow, Ga Wa, Mary Ann Lumba and Tamera Enriguez.
Enjoy afew backstage shots from the day. The actual article is due out mid December so I cant wait.. Woo Hoo!

Patrick and Lydia setting up, Seanathan who did double duties:

Elaine and Scott at work with Mary Ann:

Before’s and After’s – Ga Wa and Tamera:

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  1. Thanks for posting this! I encourage all your readers to subscribe to Hyphen, we're nonprofit and doing it all for the Asian hair L.O.V.E.! =)

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