Hong Kong Hair..

I was flicking through some websites and magazines the other day and came across some fairly cool looking hair from Hong Kong. Movie stars and their hair in Hong Kong can be abit hit and miss, in my opinion, I feel that some go so overboard that it can look abit ‘tacky’ and ‘dodgy’, completely missing the mark of ‘naturally cool’ as shown in my post about Aaron Kwok : (
Anyway, I thought I would share them with you…

Above we have Bobo (top) Faye Wong (left) who I think always gets it right, and Du Juan (right, for Lane Crawford)

Next up is: Josie Ho, Joey Yung and Kate Tsui, all showing some nice haircuts off.

And finally we have Hu Jing (top), Leila Tong-Ling (left) and Maggie Sui (right)

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  1. I remember when Maggie Sui had that perm, some critics kept saying she got an electric shock, personally I think they were just jealous she carried off so well.

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