Hit or Miss??

Hit or Miss 4

Happy Thanksgiving to all who celebrate it………

Oooo, sorry Mr. but this is one is a huge ‘Miss’ to me I’m afraid!! Just about everything is a No No. The frizzy perm on top of the blow dried into place bottom section, framing the face and looking overly feminine just does nothing for suitability. The shape is way too round, and then there’s the color..Yuck!

3 Replies to “Hit or Miss??”

  1. Yes, strange how people like to wear their hair eh? And to actually think it looks good too!! Please someone let me know if I ever get like that!

  2. That is just so bizarre. I thought the wind blew up his hair. I can't believe he wears it that way on purpose. Miss!

  3. This is a definite very BAD MISS, how can he walk out the street, looks like he electrocuted himself whilst trying to bleach his hair!

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