Head Pieces..

I have always been a fan of headpieces for the hair. I love feathers and fabrics and flowers. I know they are abit dramatic but I love abit of drama!! Here’s some more over the top ones that I found from the catwalk..

Hair piecesI know, very few people would wear this for everyday wear but here (below) are some of my favorites from Laura Kranitz which are abit more wearable. This Pink feather looks fantastic and adds a touch of individuality to a person…

So here’s my very own headpieces.. I know!! One of them is actually a pair of earrings, but hey it adds to the hair and complements it by making it more decorative so it still counts. I picked up these pieces at the weekend Craft Fair in San Francisco and they were made by Jeeyun Ha from Brooklyn, New York, who hand dyes the feathers herself. Love them!!

Yeah, Have fun with them!!

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  1. Hey Sonja, Thanks alot and Yes the thin ones would work with any texture hair, the earrings I mean, your right the other one is harder to wear..

  2. I don't think my hair has enough body to pull these off. But I think they look absolutely fabulous on you. Love 'em!

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