Hair Facts..


Q: Having regular trims make your hair grow faster?


A: Having regular trims will have no effect on how fast or slow your hair grows out of their follicles. It will make the ends of the hair appear thicker and healthier but once the hair has grown out of the scalp, the hair is dead and therefore nothing you do to it will affect the process within the scalp.

Chinese Old Wives Tale:

If a baby has very thin hair, it is said that if you shave the hair off completely it will make the hair come in thicker, TRUE OR FALSE?

I have no idea about this one, maybe someone should let me know! (Wai Yee??)

4 Replies to “Hair Facts..”

  1. I’ve been told that it’s a Korean tradition to shave a baby’s head so that his/her hair grows back thicker! Maybe that’s why they have the most amazing hair!

  2. Ah, but does it grow in thicker tho?? And why would it be ruined faster if you shave closer? Explain..

  3. Erm, I haven’t shaved any babies lately; but as far as guys go, it definitely seems like my beard grows in fastest after a shave – the 5 o’clock shadow effect.

    And it also seems like the closer the shave, the faster it’s ruined – what’s up with that!?

    1. Ahh but did it grow back thicker tho Brian? It seems that it made yours grow faster but we still need proof of the thickness!

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