Green Hair Fad?

I’ve been seeing a lot of Green Hair around lately, Is this the next craze or something? Anyone else liking it or do you, like me, think green is a tad too over board? Don’t get me wrong, I love all different hair colors but for some reason, Green is a hard one to like..

Maybe my problem with the Green began when I actually had green extensions in my hair while I was living in Hong Kong. (I must’ve thought it was OK then, to actually have them) Anyway that was when I used to teach hairdressing to local hair students, one of them came up to me one day and said..’Missy, did you know that if you have green in your hair, it means that you’re a lady of the night’!!!! Ah ha, no wonder I had been getting funny looks, I was giving off signs that I was available for the night..Well, out came those extensions right away, and I’ve never looked at green hair the same way!

Anyway I did manage to find and pull up afew green locks that I actually DO like, that don’t make them look like swampy green monsters, even though I have a sneaky suspicion a couple of these could be photo shopped!





Fudge's new shades




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