Golden Globes Hair..2012

The Golden Globes is my favorite Award show every year, I love it and this year I was looking forward to seeing what the host, Ricky Gervais had to say, especially after his hard hitting cracking jokes last year..but alas I must say I was a little disappointed because although enjoyable it was just OK, I felt like he played it really safe this year : (

So, here I was ready to blog about my favorite Golden Globe hairstyles but unfortunately just like Ricky, I felt like everyone also played it really safe, of course everyone looked gorgeous but the hair was just OK,  and so I have resolved to having to show you just 2 main hair styles going around the red carpet!

The pulled back low bun simple updo:

I think everyone, had a version of this simple do, whether they were young, old, trendy or classic. Even our UK’s punk princess Kelly Osborne had the same hairstyle!! So here are quite afew versions to show you..

Enough I hear you cry, anyway, you get the idea… a tad boring really!

And then we have the simple hair down look, I wont post TOO many pic’s as it almost looks like the same hairstyle, but with a different face and different hair color:

One of my favorite American people for her style factor is Zooey Deschanel, an Indie darling who normally looks quirky, cute and charming, but the hair she had last night.. Hmm, I’m just not that sure about this one, too much of a 2-step thing for my liking and while being interviewed it almost looked like she had sideburns….. shame.. what did you guys think of it?


So I guess the hair I liked and found to be the most interesting and fun and that stood out to me were these 3:

Nicole Ritchie, Jeannie Mai (with her streaky blue Veronica Lake) and Tilda Swinton who take risks every time.

And of course my 2 favorite short haired gals were Michele Williams (who always has her own sweet look away from the usual Hollywood styles) and Evan Rachel Wood looking very classy (and Congrats to Evan to her engagement to my brothers ex neighbor Jamie (Billy Elliot) Bell)

Sometimes it makes me wonder if more award shows were held in the UK whether we would get afew more risk takers and more eccentricity? We need more Helena Bonham Carter’s around to make sure we have more to talk about the next day : )

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