Godfrey Gao

Finally… we have an Asian Male Supermodel… way overdue but here you go… worth the wait I would say. Godfrey Gao is a Taiwanese-Canadian actor and model. Born in Vancouver to a Taiwanese father and a Malaysian mother, Godfrey is now the new face of Louis Vuitton!!

Bowing to the fastest growing demographic – the Asian consumer, Louis Vuitton is one of the most popular luxury brands amongst China’s super-rich, so it only makes sense to put that Asian face out there to represent the brand.

The Louis Vuitton Campaign:

Godfrey Gao Garage02

At 6ft 4”, he certainly breaks all the stereotypical attributes of the Chinese man, in fact Godfrey is too tall for catwalk sessions as most of the clothes do not fit him.

And again making him very unique to how other Asian males look is that he sports facial hair, this is one of the qualities that made him the face of Louis Vuitton.

I must say I totally agree with the whole facial hair look, Yumm, there’s nothing like abit of scruff to bring some sex-appeal to a man!!! I am ultra surprised at how gorgeous this guy is, Normally I don’t think much to Asian men at all, maybe because usually you get the geeky glasses with a suit and side parted hair thrown into out faces but at last we have one very sexy Asian dude!
Here’s afew more, my favorite one – Asian version of Robert Pattinson!!