FeatherLocks Hair Extensions..

Nikki Presta is now offering FeatherLocks Hair Extensions in Dekko Salon. So I decided to give you all a run-down of what they are, how its done and what they look like.

If your looking for a way to spruce up, vamp up, have a little change in your hair but don’t want anything permanent or damaging, then you should try FeatherLocks Extensions. These extensions are little rooster feathers ranging from 8 to 16inches in length. There is a vast amount of colors to choose from varying from solids to patterns. And as far as we know, NO roosters were hurt in the process of getting their feathers!

The great thing about these feathers is that they can be washed, blow dried, flat ironed and curled along with your own natural hair. They last between 6 – 8 weeks, and when they grow out away from the roots, they can be re-used again. Each feather costs $15 and the application time will be around 5minutes once the color of feathers and position has been decided. Of course, its best to let Nikki choose the positioning as she would know best as to what shows off the feathers more for each hairstyle. Anyway here are some pictures of Nikki putting afew pinks one into my hair:

Because I had Nikki put them into my fringe area, this meant the feathers had to be cut once they are secured into the hair. First the hair is threaded through a silicone bead and once the length is determined, the pliers will clamp down the bead so it fastens the feather in with the section of hair. Thanks to Lucky for these fab pictures. Of course, just about everyone in Dekko wanted to try it out, but here’s me, Ashley Jill, and Lucky showing ours off.

And just in case you think we look like Dog the Bounty Hunter (thnx Lucky) here’s some really cool people with the Featherlocks, as word is spreading, you can see allsorts of celebs having it done.


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  1. DUDE! i am actually getting some put in this week! 🙂 thanks for all of the extra information. it answered a lot of my questions 🙂

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