Dekko’s Daily Grind–Laurie

Laurie has been a client of Dekko’s for quite some time. Our technician Heather has been coloring her lovely  long locks for a number of years now. Normally Laurie would trim up her hair length and add afew layers here and there, keeping it a long messy textured look.  Recently she came in and  decided to go for a big change.

We went for a long bob (LOB) shape and cut it with a razor to keep the ends looking soft and piece-y.. We decided to keep the layers limited and very long, but the hair was razored throughout to take alot of the weight out. The reason for this was to keep the style less layered looking and more piece-y.

It was a fun cut to do and Laurie looked great with her new length. We styled it using Oribe styling cream and Oribe Royal Blowout.

Here’s Laurie’s before:


Laurie’s After: