Dekko’s Daily Grind..Trac

My client Trac is constantly changing his hair up, he goes from long to short and back to long again in no time. After wearing his hair on the longer messier side for quite some time, Trac decided he wanted to try something abit neater and more groomed looking – as in the 30’s Clark Cable look.

Here’s Trac when he came in:


We used the razor to give his  course Asian hair abit more softness and movement, even though we knew we would be combing it back, we still wanted the hair to move around more so it would be easier for him to style. During the haircut we were aware not to cut the hair too short that it would be too stiff to style, we left it all slightly longer than we would have with fine soft hair. It was then styled using Cool Grease (a styling product from Japan that is water based but leaves the hair looking slightly wet but doesn’t look stiff like gel does). The hair was then combed back into place and left to dry.



The funny thing about this haircut was that Trac did not tell us he was having his hair cut for his wedding afew days later until after we finished cutting it! It’s a bloody good job it came out really well and went with his wedding outfit perfectly! Talk about being casual about it! Congratulations Trac!