Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Robin

Robin was introduced to me through a client of mine as I was looking for a video editor. I had just shot some scenes for ‘How to Use my Juju Texture Powder Styler’. The video needed work and putting together so Robin, who has his own company Banefox and produces and edits videos and short films stepped in to help me make my short video a lot more decent. Robin now has an independent motion picture production company in the works…Revelcade Entertainment.

Anyway, after Robin took time out of his busy schedule to sort out my little hair clip, we decided he should have a change of style. He came into Dekko and I decided to ‘perk’ up his old hairstyle abit.

Here’s Robin before:



After a lot of slicing, chopping, razoring and shaping, we came up with this new shape for Robin..


Looks great right (if I may say so myself) Thanks to Robin for all his help with this JujuChan video.. as well as being patient with my pictures… Cheers!