Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Jenny

Every now and again, I start to do my haircut at work and then when there’s tons of hair that start to fly and around a third of the way through I then realize that I should’ve taken some before pictures of my client : (

So I end up taking the ‘after’ pics anyway and hope that the client will have some good ‘before’ pics for me to slot in.. anyway, this was the case of Jenny Ping who came into Dekko to see me.

Jenny was so sweet and was open to having some changes to her hair but still wanted to continue growing the length down. The hair was already asymmetrical but it was almost one length throughout. The only problem I foresaw was the step in the middle of the long side! This was my challenge to try to blend it altogether to make it work with the rest of the hair.

Here’s 2 pictures that Jenny sent to me after showing her hair before the ‘chop’!


Anyway, we decided to layer it all up, lighten up the inside of the hair while keeping the whole outside length long. I also wanted to chop up the fringe area so it didn’t hang to heavy on her face. Once we had layered it all we used some styling cream to get the effect of chunkiness to the hair.



Sorry about the bright ‘back’ picture.. but at least it shows off the layers anyway.

What was surprising about the hair was once all the weight was taken off, there was so much natural texture in the hair, it all came to life and so Jenny could play around and have a much more textured fun look, and I was able to blend in the hole at the side : )

Thanks for posing and sending me the before pics Jenny, I enjoyed doing your hair..