Dekko’s Daily Grind ~ Brian by Scott

Scott Klassen from Dekko has been cutting Brian’s hair for many years and have come up with some great looks but this one is my absolute favorite! Shaven very short through the sides, the top remains longer and hanging over to one side in a very definite precise line. This style and variations of it has a been very popular in Europe and over here different variations can be seen on Joe Jonas and Win Butler of Arcade Fire.


Lots of background info on this ‘do’ but before we get too carried away with all the info, here’s Brian sporting his ‘undercut’… Thanks Brian, and Thanks to Sarah from Dekko for the great pictures with her choice of psychedelic background!










Lots of controversy surrounding the name of this haircut. To be honest with you, most would just call it an ‘undercut’ but hipsters have been known to go into salons/barber shops asking for the’ Hitler Youth’ haircut, (and No, Brian did not come in asking for it) which of course would cause a whole load of concern especially as more and more guys are asking for this new hip look. I don’t like to get caught up with some people’s concern’s of what they think is displaying fascism through a hairstyle, to me it’s a look – modern edgy and new for men, recreated and modernized from the 20’s and 30’s style that men used to wear all the time (Think Gary Grant or Clark Gable). Its great that men can finally have some fun with their hair despite what people choose to call it and associate with it.


For an interesting read on the topic, here’s an article I found interesting..