Dekko’s Daily Grind- Trac

I don’t get much opportunity to show some men’s haircuts so I’m happy to share with you not only a guys haircut but a ‘funky’ guys haircut, from my daily work from Dekko.

Trac changes his hairstyle quite regularly, and his hair was slightly overgrown from his last short haircut. We figured it was time for a change, and to go abit shorter and messier than usual.

We used the razor to give the hair a messy uneven look, and also because the razor allows us to take out alot of the bulk while keeping the length. I am always aware of how much hair I am razoring through because I didn’t want the end result to look like a Japanese over-razored pop star!! I also find it important to keep it looking less feminine when working with the razor as it gives softer edges, but with the right amount of texture and layers, we can get a soft but funky guys haircut!

Thanks to Trac for posing.