Dekko’s Daily Grind- Stephanie

Punky in Pink:

Stephanie has been a client of mine for over 10 years and she’s one of those dream clients that is up for anything and is willing to try anything once, so over the years I have managed to have a lot of fun with all different types of haircuts.

One thing that has been consistent with Stephanie is her now signature pink hair, again varying from full head pink to slices of pink, expertly done by Jodi Ninomiya from Dekko.

Always one to stand out in a crowd, her only problem being trying to hide it when going into meetings or going to China!!

Here’s Stephanie with her overgrown locks…

We decided this time to get rid of the length at the back, bring the layers up so that she could get a lot more height and messiness. The hair was razored throughout to give a lot of texture, we kept the hair slightly asymmetric as it already was from a previous haircut. This time we decided to give her a more definite fuller fringe. Stephanie likes to play around with her hair and do allsorts with it, so we kept the shape abit more basic but defined this time so there was more hair to play with. We used a hell of a lot of combined products to give Stephanie her messiness!!

After haircut:

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