Dekko’s Daily Grind- Nora

Here’s to showing you some more daily work from Dekko Salon.

Nora comes to Dekko whenever her daughter is in town, she lives quite far away so its always a good excuse for a day out.

Nora’s hair has natural wave to it, so if the haircut is cut in a basic way, the hair becomes quite unruly and kicks out wherever it can. When we cut the hair, we try to work with the waves and movements as much as possible, so that we can tame the unruliness. Because of so much movement we also have to be careful how much tension is used when holding the sections. If too much tension is used, the hair will jump to its original position, therefore very easy to leave holes and short areas in the haircut.

Here’s Nora before the haircut:

You can see all the swirls in her hair, so now the trick was to tame it and therefore making the haircut last longer as it will lay better during the grow out.

After haircut:

Thanks alot Nora…..your gorgeous with or without swirls!

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