Dekko’s Daily Grind – Katie

So here’s Katie who came to Dekko salon with her long overgrown hair, Katie’s hair is naturally curly at the back of the head and then the front and sides are pretty straight. She wanted to have something that could could wear curly or straight.

We kept Katie’s hair on the long side but decided to cut the layers to a medium length. With the front area, we made it much more definite so that the straighter hair could form a stronger look with or without blow-drying. I always think with this type of hair, its much better to have it straight on the front areas rather than the other way round of having it straight at the back and curly at the front, which would make it very hard to control. After the cut, we blow dried the hair straight, using a straightening balm to help smooth the ends more and to hold it in place. Here’s Katie after the cut, she definitely looks alot cuter don’t you think?

Thanks alot Katie for posing for me…

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  1. Love the cut and the styling! It really suits her well. I totally need to get in for a cut so you can work your magic on my overgrown mop. 🙂

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