Dekko’s Daily Grind – Jason

Asian hair can sometimes be so thick that it can easily look too bulbous and round. On guys hair, this is the case when the sides have been taken down short and then the weight build up is too low, creating a ‘bowl’ look.
Here’s Jason with his old hairstyle..

We decided to go shorter with Jason so that the weight line through the sides can be lifted higher, this not only gives a trimmer look to the face shape, but it gives the haircut a ‘squarer’ masculine look.

As you can see, the top area has been left slightly longer and razored to give it more texture, and the scissor over combed area has been left to blend into the hairline in a natural way and not clippered into a hard outline, which I personally don’t like because especially with coarse hair it can make it look like you have a ‘lid’ on your head.


Thanks to Jason for posing for me…