December Newsletter ~

Hi All

Hope you all just had a great Thanksgiving and Thanks for catching up with me for my first newsletter post : )

I can finally confirm that all the pieces have recently come together for my travel size bottle of JujuChan Powder, FINALLY!  All the components took almost 2 years to gather together and make it all work out. I will soon have them on this website so that you can all get yourselves a handy mini size for your handbag. But if you are abit impatient and want me to send you one, please feel free to drop me a line in the contact area of this site, we can arrange for one to be shipped to you.

Meanwhile I hope you enjoy my posts and if you would like to follow me on FB here is the link to my page JujuChanProducts

Have a fantastic Christmas and I will talk to you again in the New Year, I’m of to England and hopefully get some new exciting influences with hair and street fashion. See you all, Have lots of fun and hope Santa brings you lots of goodies <3

Jules x